The Post Frame Advantage

When you choose to build your home with Longhorn Buildings, you will find several advantages in the way we build homes. Some of the main advantages of post frame construction include the following:

  • Standard 2x6 exterior wall construction provides enhanced structure strength and energy efficiency.
  • Roof and wall design are constructed with heavy-duty exterior wall load points. This makes the design conducive to open floor plans, tall, open ceiling areas, and enables interior walls to be placed wherever you want.
  • Pre-panelized construction using our patented system assures the precise and timely construction of your home. The pre-panelized components include walls, ceiling panels, trusses, porches/awnings, dormers (open or false), and box beams.
  • The horizontal "bookshelf"-style framing offers flush mounting surfaces on both inside and outside walls.
  • The vertical application of structural steel siding provides "racking" integrity and thereby allows the elimination of sheathing on the roof and sides of the home. This saves homeowners time and money.